Philosophy and Rationale

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” – John Holt

Here at English Language Academy, we believe that all students can achieve their language goals, whether they be academic, professional or personal goals. Lessons are designed to optimise the learner’s progress through methodology that respects and celebrates learners’ individuality and unique skills, and that focuses on high standards in a low-stress environment.


Our courses are designed to make the most of up-to-date materials and teaching methods that:

  • Allow students to realise and set their own academic goals
  • Encourage teachers and students to work together to manage students’ approach to learning
  • Recognise areas for remedial action and offer further personalised support
  • Recognise strengths and help to push these areas to their full potential
  • Monitor and assess learner progress through the use of level tests with personal feedback sessions throughout the course

Our teachers prepare communicative lessons encouraging learners to collaborate in investigating real-life applications of the language being learned. Learners at ELA are challenged to break away from passive learning and to approach the English language from multiple angles.

Careful lesson planning ensures that learning outcomes are achieved by constantly updating needs analyses and adapting lessons to account for the different learning styles, personalities and knowledge that the students and teachers bring to the classroom.

Continuous Professional Development sessions are held both in-house and externally to ensure that our teachers are kept up-to-date on the latest trends and methodologies in the EFL industry, keeping our courses fresh, current and relevant.