TOEFL iBT Examination Preparation

English Language Academy (ELA) is Malta’s only TOEFL iBT Exam Centre! Our TOEFL Preparation Courses are taught by instructors who are not only top-tier teachers of English, but have been trained by ETS (the company that created and owns the TOEFL iBT exam). 

Our students have the unique opportunity to work on the same computers they will be using during the exam, and will be given access to test-practice software that is nearly identical to the software used in the real exam. 

Here at ELA, we take your future seriously. We know that our students need to sit for international exams in order to gain access to education, immigration, and employment opportunities, and helping our students improve their futures is one of our company’s core beliefs.  We have amazing track records with all of our international exam preparation courses, but when it comes to TOEFL, we’re the best in class. 

Our combination of passionate and highly-trained staff, investment in software and materials, and our commitment to our students mean that our students can rest assured that they are well and truly in safe hands.