"English Language Academy has earned its motto “the school with a heart” because we show genuine interest in our students’ passions, needs, and goals."

Here at ELA, we understand that students of English as a foreign language may find challenges along the way; the fact that they are in a new environment, the obstacles that naturally arise while learning a language, and the pressure to achieve certain goals.

Since students’ final competence in English can influence career paths and broaden educational and travel opportunities, our lessons are designed to optimise progress and offer as much support as possible to help students realise their full potential.

At ELA, our teachers prepare communicative lessons which merge grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation with activities based on real-life situations and the use of practical language in an open setting. This kind of approach ensures that the students are given the structure and framework they need to then practise using the language in ways that will prepare them fully for life outside of the classroom.

We are constantly adapting as classroom dynamics change, recognising individual as well as collective learning needs, and careful lesson planning accounts for the different learning styles, personalities and knowledge of the students in every class. On top of that, students are given the opportunity to take progress tests every few weeks, to make sure that they never stagnate in one level, and are always motivated to learn more!