Recognitions and Grants

2 Jul 2018

Recognitions and Grants at ELA Malta

What makes any brand good? Well, there are many factors, however, they can all be summarised into one vital thing – how people speak about it. We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded, sometimes bombarded, by adverts, marketing campaigns and a million and one other ways of companies trying to sell their products to us…so much so, that as time passes it seems like good old fashioned word of mouth is becoming even more valuable, not matter what field or industry one’s product is in. Now as far as word of mouth goes, at ELA Malta we are truly blessed.

Over the years our students have labelled us as The School with a Heart, and the number of return students year after year continues to prove that word of mouth definitely works. However, we go the extra mile too, and we have made sure to become associated with some of our industry’s most valuable names…and we have managed that too.

Aside from programmes we have organised for refugees and asylum seekers, ELA is also recognised for the recognitions/grants especially in the following areas:

Erasmus plus and Erasmus mobility

The Erasmus+ programme provides funding for activities in education, training, youth and sport in all sectors of Lifelong Learning (Higher Education, Further Education, adult education, schools, youth activities etc) for the period 2014 - 2020. We at ELA have been in the business of training teachers and helping teachers develop for decades, and we recently launched a number of Teacher Development Courses which are eligible for Erasmus+ Funding that will draw on these many years of experience to share what we know with others.

Morning programmes, which are held between 9am and 1230pm entail observations of experienced teachers OR English classes to ensure students can maximise their studies through improved language skills. In the afternoon, between 1pm and 4:30pm, participants will have the opportunity to take part in workshops in the specific area of interest. Each course is unique and includes things such as reading, self-study, planning mock lessons, or coursework assignments in order to ensure that our Erasmus+ Developing Teachers leave us ready to walk into class with new knowledge and skills.


Bildungsurlaub for German students

ELA Malta is recognised by Bildungsurlaub, and is considered as a school where it’s possible to take educational leave in the states of: Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Rheinland – Pfalz, Schleswig-Holstein.

In these states, our courses are available for one or two weeks depending on the requirements of each respective state.

Le Forem for Belgian students

This is another interesting programme which is also available at our school during the shoulder months. This grant is specifically for Belgian students.

CSN for Swedish students

These are courses for Swedish students who are between 16 and 20 years of age and who wish to do an experience involving learning a language abroad.

Should you have any questions, about any of our fully accredited courses or any other questions related to our school, do not hesitate to visit our website:  or contact us on [email protected]